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ATTENTION: The EACDA is currently open for nominations to the board and interested parties should send a CV and a letter of motivation to



Avron Herr
Founding Chairperson
Mr Avron Herr is the founding member of the East Africa Career Development Association (EACDA). He is currently sitting as the interim Chairperson. Mr Herr is from an Industrial Psychology background and has been involved in career guidance for the past 27 years.  He is the Managing Director at PACE Career Centre which is the longest serving career guidance company in Africa. He is also the founding chairperson of the South African Career Development Association (SACDA) which is a fully constituted professional body. He still serves on the board. His life work and contribution to career development on the continent is well documented and widely acknowledged. He is a dedicated family man and humanitarian with a great passion for motorcycle touring.
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Prof Eugène Rutembesa
Deputy Chairperson
Prof Eugène Rutembesa is a senior researcher and Associate Professor within the Psychology department at the university of Rwanda. He previously held the position of Dean of Education and currently serves as the Vice-chairperson of  Rwanda National Ethic Committee ( RNEC). Prof Rutembesa is a prolific researcher and publisher. Prof Rutembesa has vast international experience having studied and worked in Ireland, Switzerland, France, USA, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Congo and Nigeria. Prof Rutembesa is widely recognised for his work relating to trauma and resilience resulting from the Rwanda Genocide. Prof Eugène Rutembesa is a Rwandan citizen.
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Laurent Ngarambe
Mr Ngarambe is the current Dean of Students at the University of Kibungo. Mr Ngaramba hails from a teaching background. Prior to his role in the academia Mr Ngarambe has served as a Member of Parliament and as the Vice-Chairperson of the Commission of Education, Science, Youth, and Culture. Mr Ngarambe brings with him his vast experience in Government relations and University management.
Kevin Mugwe
Mr. Mugwe is the Secretary General of the East Africa Youth Assembly. He is a citizen of Kenya. He is a Social Enrepreneur with a love for youth development initiatives that solve social and economic problems. Mr Mugwe is from a Marketing and Business development background. Mr Mugwe is a youth mentor for several mentorship programs in Kenya. 
Yvan Aliston Kanamugire
Mr Kanamugire holds a Master's of Commerce degree in International Banking. Mr Kanamugire also has a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He has held a lecturing position at the University of Kibungo and is currently the Director of Administration and Finance at Papyrus Ltd. Mr Kanamugire adds strong financial management skills to the board. 
Pascaline Uwingabire
Ms Uwingabire holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Economic Statistics and has a teaching diploma specialising in Mathematics and Physics.  Ms Uwingabire is a consultant specialising in statistical data analysis and management. Her strong statistical and mathematical skills contribute to building the IT capacity of the Association.
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